Crazy Music Site

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

So recently I was made aware of and it’s awesome. This is their self description…

“Find opportunities for your music.  Compose, record, and remix songs for superstar artists and global brands. Get heard, get licensed, get released.  We post the creative brief and you make great music to win amazing rewards, share with friends, and build your musical resume.”

The entire site is dedicated to music production and making producers better through competition.  I was looking at a contest and heard some of the best electronic remixes I have ever heard.  The best part is that they were all made by amateurs.  For example this is a remix of a song by Meiko, called Leave the Lights On.  That’s not the only version either, there are 656 last time I checked; for that song alone.  I saw many other contests going on when I was browsing.  Here is another version of the same song, for those of you who like Dubstep.


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